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Jennifer L. FitzPatrick

Certified Speaking Professional, MSW, CSP

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Contagious Culture: How You Treat Team Influences The Client Experience


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Do You Serve Stressed Out Healthcare Customers?

Whether you call them patients, clients, residents, family caregivers or referral sources,

Jen's presentations help you:

≫ De-escalate difficult clients

≫ Reduce burnout so your staff are better equipped to handle stressed customers

≫ Improve outcomes, service and reviews through better customer service

≫ Decrease complaints and malpractice claims

Sample Keynote Topics

Letting Go: What We Need To Release To Make Seismic Shifts in Staffing and Service 

The stakes have never been higher. What’s worked five years ago in our industry is not working today. And it’s not going to work in the years to come. Fasten your seatbelt and join us for this candid discussion about what you and your team need to release in order to recruit and retain the best possible staff so you can provide the best possible service.  

Interrupting Disruption in Senior Living: How We Don’t Wind Up Like Taxis 

Uber and Lyft changed the way most people, particularly younger generations, think about transportation. If the senior living industry doesn’t elevate its thinking on how to stay relevant, it will remain ripe for disruption as well. This game-changing keynote presentation will help you:

  • Discover your organization’s vulnerabilities to disruption
  • Examine your team for barriers to a change mindset
  • Forecast a plan for remaining essential to older adults and their families for decades to come

 Sweet Dreams: Reimagining Recruitment, Retention and the Patient Experience So You Sleep Better at Night

If you are like most executives, the relentless workforce crisis is taking up too much space in your brain. Wouldn’t it be a relief if you could eliminate your staffing worries? What if your fully staffed team showed up to work motivated while your patients and their families were happier than ever before? All of this is possible! This high-energy opening session will help you:

  • Analyze roadblocks in the way of implementing recruitment and retention solutions and how to remove them
  • Discover the motivation and momentum to take action and be proactive about your staffing woes
  • Sleep better at night (as long as you have an open mind during the presentation!)

Think Like A Shrink: Reimagining Staffing by Leaning Into What Existing and Prospective Team Members Really Want

Psychotherapists are taught that they shouldn’t offer an intervention until they’ve truly identified a client’s problem. The same is true of home care talent management, but many of us spend too much time trying to solve our staffing problem before we really understand why we have a staffing problem. During this opening session, former psychotherapist Jennifer L. FitzPatrick empowers your leaders to:

  • Understand their blind spots when it comes to relating to today’s workers
  • Acknowledge the power struggles that can occur with staff and candidates when we do things the way we have always done
  • Walk away with an actionable plan on how to immediately improve recruitment, retention, and patient experience based on a better understanding of the psychological needs of today’s workforce

Reimagining Customer Service in Your Healthcare Setting: Boost Loyalty, Revenue and Outcomes 

Most people dread needing any type of healthcare service. Because of this, clients and patients are often stressed and in a negative frame of mind when you begin working with them. Fortunately you have tremendous power over how most healthcare customers ultimately perceive their experience with your organization! This motivational session shares simple strategies on how to win over clients early on, keep them happy and transform them into fans. 

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"Our clinicians and administrative staff loved her talk! Our team members are still referencing points Jennifer made during the presentation that are helping them reduce stress while improving service and outcomes for our patients and customers."

--Colleen Cubbin Hughes
Suburban Geriatrics

"Jennifer FitzPatrick's program on generational diversity in healthcare has helped our members adjust their communication with patients, clients and colleagues of different ages. She is an engaging professional speaker who did her homework so the message would resonate with our audience. Don't hesitate to bring Jennifer in for your next meeting."

--Kyle Fernley
Executive Director
Fernley & Fernley, Founders of Association Management

"As Keynote speaker for the Hospice & Palliative Care Network of Maryland Annual Conference, Jennifer's enthusiasm radiated and set the tone for our theme of Ready, Set, Grow! Her presentation gave us all a sense that we will most certainly endure and even thrive in this "New Normal"."

--Peggy Funk
Executive Director
Hospice & Palliative Care Network of Maryland